Know about Essential Security Measures for Your Linux Shared Hosting in IndiaKnow about Essential Security Measures for Your Linux Shared Hosting in India


In the vast and continuously growing digital world, Every business needs good web hosting for its growth. It becomes more important if you host a website in the dynamic and growing market of India. Also, it’s crucial to understand the importance of keeping a website safe and secure. With the constantly increasing digital presence in India, cyber threats are on the rise, Making it essential to know the ways to secure your Linux-shared hosting in India. Also in this article, we will discuss where you can buy the best Shared Hosting in India and rest assured about the security of your website. So let’s dive into the world of good hosting and the quest for some useful information about securing your linux shared hosting.

16 Ways to Secure a Linux Shared Hosting in India

If you have Linux hosting in India then there are many ways to secure it with some simple steps, here are the ways to secure it.

1. Ensure your Server is Up to date: 

The first thing to check in your Linux hosting in India is if your server is up to date or not. If not then update it as soon as you access the server as root. 

2. Disable Root Login and Create a Secondary User: 

Establish a primary user with restricted access to complete particular tasks to reduce the likelihood of external or unauthorized access.

3. Setup the SSH Keys: 

SSH Keys allow you to connect to the India Linux shared hosting servers securely with a stored key pair, this would be an extra step in securing the server to disallow additional access. 

4. Set Limit for Open Ports: 

Once installed, the majority of Linux installations typically have no listening network services. The administrator or root user can specify which services or ports to open in addition to the default ones once the server has been started. 

5. Canonical Kernel Livepatches: 

For the majority of significant kernel security flaws, the Canonical Livepatch service offers security updates that do not require a reboot. On up to three nodes, the service is available to users or Ubuntu without charge.  

6. Userspace  Hardening: 

By using Linux default compiler flags, various hardening features can be enabled, adding extra security to applications built with the kernel.  

7. Setup two-factor authentication: 

Setting up a two-factor authentication adds a layer of protection for your India linux shared web hosting server. 

8. Turn off Your IPv6: 

If you are not using IPv6, you can go to the network configuration file and add the following lines to disable it. 

9. Be Cautious While Installing Applications: 

Each time you install an application, it can add a new software alongside that app which may put the India Linux shared hosting servers at risk if it allows opening in the server ports. 

10. Most Important thing take Backups: 

Backups are your last line of defense in the vent of a catastrophic disaster. Many hosting providers give better backup options. Also, you can take Hostbillo Hosting solutions to back up your server.

These are some ways that you can apply to secure your Linux Hosting in India Linux OS also provides higher security as it works on Open source technology, which makes it a more secure and reliable OS. 

How Hostbillo helps you to provide Secure and Cheap Linux-shared Hosting in India

At Hostbillo, We understand the importance of both security and affordability when it comes to the best Linux shared hosting in India. Hostbillo Hosting Solution is one of the best web hosting providers in India, popularly known for rendering top-class service to its users. 

Hostbillo’s best Linux shared hosting India plans are designed to offer a secure and budget-friendly hosting solution for businesses and individuals. You get robust security features with Hostbillo that help you safeguard your website and data from cyber threats. Also, it provides you with affordable hosting plans without compromising performance and security. Leverages its efficient infrastructure and cost-effective solutions and enjoys Cheap Linux shared hosting in India at a competitive price. 


In Conclusion, Linux shared hosting in India is the best web hosting for startups, individuals, and new businesses. By understanding and implementing essential security measures for India Linux shared web hosting you can safeguard your server. By following these practical tips you can reduce the risk of cyber threats and protect your website and sensitive data. You can navigate the digital world confidently and ensure a safe and secure environment for your website visitors and users. 

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